৳ 59,000.00


Suitable for Mild to Moderate hearing loss

Battery Size: 13 (Zinc Air)

Fitting Range: 10 -105 dB

Warranty: 24 Months Manufacturer Warranty

Battery Life: Approximately 150 – 170 hours

Free Delivery

EMI Starts at Rs. 917/-  (24 Months EMI available)  ** Conditions Apply


Oticon Hit is a family of reliable, great sounding hearing instruments in the mid-to-low priced market. Powered by Oticon’s RISE platform

Key Features

Increased Bandwidth: Based on the RISE technology, ultra fast audio processing provides superior, undistorted sound quality in all listening environments. In combination with 8 kHz bandwidth, the instrument delivers a rich sound picture.

Noise Management: Hit uses a modulation-based Noise Management System uses a speech-weighted approach to ensure that interfering noise is attenuated without notably affecting important speech cues – this guarantees simultaneous good speech understanding and comfort.

Advanced Feedback Control: Oticon’s Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 2 (DFC2) is highly effective, eliminating feedback in most situations.

Adaptive Directionality: The directionality system increases the Voice-to-Noise ratio in challenging situations by suppressing moving and stationary noise sources from the sides and behind. There are two directionality modes: Surround and Split Directionality.

Standard Features: 

Bandwidth 8 kHz

Automatic Directionality

Adaptive Directionality*

Noise Management (modulation)

Automatic Adaptation Manager*

Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 2 (DFC2)

Front Focus

Wind noise protection

Activity Analyzer

Four user programs

DAI and FM T-coil

AutoPhone program

Battery Low warning

Sound indicators for program shifts

On-set delay and jingle

Mute/Stand by mode